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United States - AKC Titles and Abbreviations

# Indicates that the title can be earned multiple times. The number of times the criteria for the title have been met will follow the title abbreviation (ex: MACH8)

Agility Titles

Class Abbrev. Title Name Abbrev. Title Name (Preferred Track) Prefix or Suffix
ACT ACT1 Agility Course Test 1 Suffix
ACT ACT2 Agility Course Test 2 Suffix
STD NA Novice Agility NAP Novice Agility Preferred Suffix
STD OA Open Agility OAP Open Agility Preferred Suffix
STD AX Agility Excellent-per regs AXP Excellent Agility Preferred Suffix
STD MX Master Agility Excellent MXP Master Agility Excellent Preferred Suffix
STD MXB# Master Bronze Agility MXPB# Master Bronze Agility Preferred Suffix
STD MXS# Master Silver Agility MXPS# Master Silver Agility Preferred Suffix
STD MXG# Master Gold Agility MXPG# Master Gold Agility Preferred Suffix
STD MXC# Master Century Agility MXPC# Master Century Agility Preferred Suffix
STD PAD Premier Agility Dog PADP Premier Agility Dog Preferred Suffix
STD PDS# Premier Agility Dog Silver PDSP# Premier Agility Dog Silver Preferred Suffix
STD PDG# Premier Agility Dog Gold PDGP# Premier Agility Dog Gold Preferred Suffix
STD PDC# Premier Agility Dog Century PDCP# Premier Agility Dog Century Preferred Suffix
STD PDB# Premier Agility Dog Bronze (starts with the PDB2) PDBP# Premier Agility Dog Bronze Preferred (starts with the PDB2) Suffix
JWW NAJ Novice Agility Jumper NJP Novice Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
JWW OAJ Open Agility Jumper OJP Open Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
JWW AXJ Excellent Agility Jumper AJP Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred Suffix
JWW MXJ Master Excellent Jumper MJP Master Excellent Jumper Preferred Suffix
JWW MJB# Master Bronze Jumpers MJPB# Master Bronze Jumpers Preferred Suffix
JWW MJS# Master Silver Jumpers MJPS# Master Silver Jumpers Preferred Suffix
JWW MJG# Master Gold Jumpers MJPG# Master Gold Jumpers Preferred Suffix
JWW MJC# Master Century Jumpers MJPC# Master Century Jumpers Preferred Suffix
JWW PJD Premier Jumpers Dog PJDP Premier Jumpers Dog Preferred Suffix
JWW PJS# Premier Jumpers Dog Silver PJSP# Premier Jumpers Dog Silver Preferred Suffix
JWW PJG# Premier Jumpers Dog Gold PJGP# Premier Jumpers Dog Gold Preferred Suffix
JWW PJC# Premier Jumpers Dog Century PJCP# Premier Jumpers Dog Century Preferred Suffix
JWW PJB# Premier Jumpers Dog Bronze (starts with the PJB2) PJBP# Premier Jumpers Dog Bronze Preferred (starts with the PJBP2) Suffix
Multi TQX Triple Q Excellent TQXP Triple Q Excellent Preferred Suffix
Multi PAX Preferred Agility Excellent Suffix
Multi NAC National Agility Champion PNAC Preferred National Agility Champion Prefix
Multi MACH Master Agility Champion PACH Preferred Agility Champion Prefix
Multi AGCH Agility Grand Champion Prefix


Canine Good Citizen Titles

*all CGC titles are Suffix titles

Abbrev. Title Name
CGC Canine Good Citizen
CGCA Canine Good Citizen Advanced / Community Canine
CGCU Canine Good Citizen Urban


Conformation Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Prefix or Suffix
CM# Certificate of Merit Suffix
CH Champion Prefix
GCH Grand Champion Prefix
GCHB Grand Champion Bronze Prefix
GCHS Grand Champion Silver Prefix
GCHG Grand Champion Gold Prefix
GCHP# Grand Champion Platinum Prefix


Field Trial Titles

*all Field Trial Titles are Prefix titles, with the exception of the QA2

Abbrev. Title Name Abbrev. Title Name
FC Field Champion AFC Amateur Field Champion
FCB Field Champion – Brace
FCGD Field Champion – Gundog
FCLP Field Champion – Large Pack
GFC Grand Field Champion GAFC Grand Amateur Field Champion
NFC National Field Champion NAFC National Amateur Field Champion
NGDC National Gun Dog Champion NAGDC National Amateur Gun Dog Champion
NBC National Brace Champion
NGBC National Gun Dog Brace Champion
NLPC National Large Pack Champion
NSPC National Small Pack Champion
NWGDC National Walking Gun Dog Championship
QA2 Qualified All-Age 2 (suffix title)


Hunting Test Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Prefix or Suffix
JH Junior Hunter Suffix
JHA Junior Hunter Advanced Suffix
JHR Junior Hunter Retriever Suffix
JHU Junior Hunter Upland Suffix
JHUA Junior Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix
MH# Master Hunter Suffix
MHA Master Hunter Advanced Suffix
MHR Master Hunter Retriever Suffix
MHU Master Hunter Upland Suffix
MHUA Master Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix
MNH# Master National Hunter Suffix
SH Senior Hunter Suffix
SHA Senior Hunter Advanced Suffix
SHR Senior Hunter Retriever Suffix
SHU Senior Hunter Upland Suffix
SHUA Senior Hunter Upland Advanced Suffix


Obedience Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Abbrev. Title Name (Preferred Class) Prefix or Suffix
BN Beginner Novice Suffix
GN Graduate Novice Suffix
GO Graduate Open Suffix
CD Companion Dog PCD Preferred Companion Dog Suffix
CDX Companion Dog Excellent PCDX Preferred Companion Dog Excellent Suffix
UD Utlity Dog PUTD Preferred Utility Dog Suffix
UDX# Utility Dog Excellent PUDX# Preferred Utility Dog Excellent Suffix
VER Versatility Suffix
OM# Obedience Master Suffix
OGM Obedience Grand Master Suffix
OTCH Obedience Trial Champion POC Preferred Obedience Champion Prefix
NOC National Obedience Champion Prefix


Rally Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Prefix or Suffix
RN Rally Novice Suffix
RI Rally Intermediate Suffix
RA Rally Advanced Suffix
RE Rally Excellent Suffix
RM# Rally Master Suffix
RAE# Rally Advanced Excellent Suffix
RNC Rally National Champion Prefix
RACH# Rally Champion Prefix


Scent Work Titles

*all Scent Work titles are Suffix titles

Element Abbrev. Title Name
Container SCN Scent Work Container Novice
Container SCNE Scent Work Container Novice Elite
Container SCA Scent Work Container Advanced
Container SCAE Scent Work Container Advanced Elite
Container SCE Scent Work Container Excellent
Container SCEE Scent Work Container Excellent Elite
Container SCM Scent Work Container Master
Container SCME Scent Work Container Master Elite
Interior SIN Scent Work Interior Novice
Interior SINE Scent Work Interior Novice Elite
Interior SIA Scent Work Interior Advanced
Interior SIAE Scent Work Interior Advanced Elite
Interior SIE Scent Work Interior Excellent
Interior SIEE Scent Work Interior Excellent Elite
Interior SIM Scent Work Interior Master
Interior SIME Scent Work Interior Master Elite
Exterior SEN Scent Work Exterior Novice
Exterior SENE Scent Work Exterior Novice Elite
Exterior SEA Scent Work Exterior Advanced
Exterior SEAE Scent Work Exterior Advanced Elite
Exterior SEE Scent Work Exterior Excellent
Exterior SEEE Scent Work Exterior Excellent Elite
Exterior SEM Scent Work Exterior Master
Exterior SEME Scent Work Exterior Master Elite
Buried SBN Scent Work Buried Novice
Buried SBNE Scent Work Buried Novice Elite
Buried SBA Scent Work Buried Advanced
Buried SBAE Scent Work Buried Advanced Elite
Buried SBE Scent Work Buried Excellent
Buried SBEE Scent Work Buried Excellent Elite
Buried SBM Scent Work Buried Master
Buried SBME Scent Work Buried Master Elite
Handler Disc. SHDN Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice
Handler Disc. SHDNE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Nove Elite
Handler Disc. SHDA Scent Work Handler Discrimination Advanced
Handler Disc. SHDAE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Advanced Elite
Handler Disc. SHDE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Excellent
Handler Disc. SHDEE Scent Work Handler Discrimination Excellent Elite
Handler Disc. SHDM Scent Work Handler Discrimination Master
Handler Disc. SHDME Scent Work Handler Discrimination Master Elite
Detective SWD Scent Work Detective
Multi-Class SWN Scent Work Novice
Multi-Class SWNE Scent Work Novice Elite
Multi-Class SWA Scent Work Advanced
Multi-Class SWAE Scent Work Advanced Elite
Multi-Class SWE Scent Work Excellent
Multi-Class SWEE Scent Work Excellent Elite
Multi-Class SWM Scent Work Master
Multi-Class SWME Scent Work Master Elite


Search and Rescue Titles

*all Search and Rescue titles are Suffix titles

Abbrev. Title Name
SAR-W Search and Rescue – Wilderness
SAR-U1 Search and Rescue – Urban 1
SAR-U2 Search and Rescue – Urban 2
SAR-U3 Search and Rescue – Urban 3


Therapy Dog Titles

*all Therapy Dog titles are Suffix titles

Abbrev. Title Name
THDN Therapy Dog Novice
THD Therapy Dog
THDA Therapy Dog Advanced
THDX Therapy Dog Excellent
THDD Distinguished Therapy Dog


Tracking Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Prefix or Suffix
TD Tracking Dog Suffix
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent Suffix
TDU Tracking Dog Urban Suffix
VST Variable Surface Tracker Suffix
CT Champion Tracker Prefix


Trick Dog Titles

*all Trick Dog titles are Suffix titles

Abbrev. Title Name
TKN Trick Dog Novice
TKI Trick Dog Intermediate
TKA Trick Dog Advanced
TKP Trick Dog Performer


Derivative (Multi-Sport) Titles

Abbrev. Title Name Prefix or Suffix
VCD# Versatile Companion Dog Suffix
DC Dual Champion Prefix
TC Triple Champion Prefix
VCCH Versatile Companion Dog Champion Prefix