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Welcome to The Weimaraner Pedigree database

We currently have 331306 Weimaraners and 17456 Weimaraners with picture(s) in the database. We have made it to give a better picture of the Weimaraner population around the globe.

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  • 2016-02-01 - Hurrah, Weimaranerpedigrees.com 10 years!
    Today it is exactly 10 years ago that Weimaranerpedigrees.com was launched.
    I had been working on a pedigree database for a few years already, first starting with my own dogs, trying to find more about their ancestry, then later adding more dogs.
    The database contained for the majority European dogs, and there was at that time no Weimaraner database online which concentrated on European dogs.
    There was a database in the UK (now no longer online) concentrating on UK Weims.
    And there was Bremar, which is still online, which contains for the majority American and Canadian dogs.
    People who knew I had an offline database asked me for pedigree info, so I decided to bring it online so that everybody could use the tool.
    Today it is the largest Weimaraner database around, many many hours and dollars going into this project.
    Who knew it would turn into such a large database, and I still have more ideas to do in the future.
    It is used by many people around the globe as a tool to look up pedigrees and look up future breedings.
    Currently there are 200 Visitors each day. That is not pageviews but visitors!

    This tool can be used for a lot more than looking at individual dogs/breedings, like looking over our population, and see what popularity trends there are, what the inbreeding is, what the dangers are and much more.
    To celebrate the tenth Anniversary I've made an article which shows us more about our population and with that give people ideas how our population is doing.
    You can read the article here: Anniversary.
    I will try to regularly recalculate info on that page when more info gets added, or more complete info is known.

This site and database is intended for the community of Weimaraner lovers worldwide. With the help of the community we are trying to gather as much Weimaraner heritage and information as possible. We aim on getting a complete history of the Weimaraner back to the start of the breed.

To keep a little control over the dogs in the database only moderators and admins of the website are allowed to enter information into the database. If you want to have your dog added or have updates on existing dogs you can "contact us", or fill out the submit pedigree form.

If you like this site, we would greatly appreciate any donations. You can donate books, magazines or if you like a donation through paypal that is welcome too.

Team Weimaranerpedigrees

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